[Samba] no user management tool

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Mon Oct 13 09:49:09 GMT 2003

AFAIK there is not any usable user management tool for samba 3 with ldap 
(except the command line and ldif import). I seach for any useable 
stuff. the alternatives are directory admin (but this requires linux and 
X) currently not support samba 3 ldap schema and it seems to won't be in 
the near future (although Andrew Bartlett would like to help, but it 
seems nothing happend). the other alternatives are LAM and for me it 
seems the only candidate for general user management (both for unix and 
samba user) and groups.  it'd be useful if this project can get some 
support from samba (IMHO it's important for the samba team too).
is there any other similar tools?

   Levente                               "Si vis pacem para bellum!"

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