[Samba] Windows print spool is usefull when using remote samba+cups printers?

Thiago Lima thiagolima at webforce.com.br
Sun Oct 12 22:18:47 GMT 2003

    I'm using cups + samba with windows 98 clients to print. And I'm
using RAW printing with windows own printer drivers. The printer is
connected direcly on my linux box.

    I've configured  windows 98  printing clients to don't send jobs to
w98 spool, print directly to printers. Since cups will do the spool and
cups can support multiple simultaneous clients I believe that would be
the best thing to do. I'm right? 

    Is this the best thing do to? Will that improve performance of
printing without the risk of loosing jobs? Any tips/pros/cons?

Thanks alot
Thiago Lima.

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