[Samba] samba server browsing? (help!)

Roy Koswaramulya roykoe at bdg.centrin.net.id
Sun Oct 12 12:44:06 GMT 2003

Dear all.
I have install samba 2.2.7a in mandrake 9.1 and success access by
client, but there is a problem about it.

Server samba is giving an ip address 192.11.11.xxx and client is having
ip address 192.11.11.xxx and 192.11.12.xxx. in computer client (windows
NT, Win2k, and win98) which have an ip address 192.11.11.xxx server can
access straightly from network neighborhood (without searching
computer), but for client who have an ip address 192.11.12.xxx that
samba server must searching first to get an access.

What I mast do so that comp client with an ip address 192.11.12.xxx can
look that samba server in network neighborhood? (Note: I can't change
all an ip address to 192.11.11.xxx because its not allow from my

I have to try change a subnet mask to in client computer and
it doesn't work. For information I use winnt wins server and have 2
gateway for computer with an ip address 192.11.11.xxx and 192.11.12.xxx.



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