[Samba] Newbie question about adding clients across subnets to Samba PDC

siavush at spin.it siavush at spin.it
Sun Oct 12 00:59:22 GMT 2003

Hi all,
        I am planning to deploy a Samba PDC for centralised file and print services serving a mostly windows 2000 pro client environment. My network configuration forces me to have the Samba PDC on a particular subnet  ( say 172.16.56.X) and I could have my clients anywhere on the 172.16.*.* network. How could I go round ensuring that my clients can actually see the domain the PDC is serving and connect to file and print services on the samba PDC? Would simply enabling a WINS server on the Samba PDC and pointing to its IP number on each and every client be enough? I would like to avoid using elements such as Local Master Browsers and rely solely on a standalone Samba PDC.
Many thanks to whomever can offer help on the above!

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