[Samba] About usernames.

Stef Bon stef at bononline.tk
Sat Oct 11 10:29:22 GMT 2003


I'm using Samba on a Linux server, as a excellent and cheap sollution for an 
organization in the Netherlands, www.wereldvenster.nl .

Now, in this organization there are over 250 users and 30 Windows 98 
platforms. Because nobody has a computer for his own, were using domain 
logons and roaming profiles. This is working very good. Not only the desktop 
is stored in the roaming profile, but - very important in our case - also the 
map "My Documents".

Now also I'm using LDAP to store account information. I'm very happy with the 
posibilty to view this information from other computers with a tool like LDAP 
Account Manager ( see lam.sourceforge.net ) or PHPLdapAdmin (also on 
sourceforge.net ) . 
Now we give the users a system name like com011 or com342 or ned224. My 
problem is, how can I map these userid's to normal names?? I know this can be 
done with the username map, but it is not that easy to edit this file from 
other computers.... I would like that the users can log in with their own 

Is there a possibilty to this with LDAP?? To map a "Windows" inlog name to a 
"LINUX" userid??


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