[Samba] Invitation to SSCCII-2004 in Amalfi, Italy, 29.1.-1.2.2004

amalfi2004 at vreme.yubc.net amalfi2004 at vreme.yubc.net
Sat Oct 11 09:30:20 GMT 2003

Dear Dr. Samba

I am happy to invite you to be a speaker at the 
VIP Scientific Forum of the International SSCCII-2004 Conference in Italy
(SSCCII = Symposium of Santa Caterina on Challenges in Internet and 
Interdisciplinary research).

Abstract (100 words) = October 29, 2003 
Full Papers = November 19, 2003 
Paper Acceptance Notification = December 3, 2003 
Payment (fee and hotel) = December 24, 2003 

This year SSCCII-2004 takes place from Thursday January 29 (arrival day)
till Sunday February 1 (departure day), in the Italy's best coastline 
hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi (source: The Leading Hotels of the World).
Detailed program and all relevant information are given at the web site 
of the conference.

The conference is limited to 60 attendees 
(physical capacity of the Santa Caterina hotel), 
and only plenary sessions will be organized. 
So far, many more researchers expressed an interest to come, 
which means that some submissions will have to be rejected. 
Still, new submissions are more than welcome.

In addition to other programs, 
a special VIP Scientific Forum is also organized. 
Talks of the VIP Scientific Forum are open to all participants 
(other fori include the High Tech Forum and Talented Students Forum).

Keynote speakers of the VIP Scientific Forum will be
Dr. Raimundo Pasquino (Italy), Rector of the University of Salerno, 
Dr. Erich Neuhold (Germany), General Director, Fraunhofer IPSI.

Please submit your title/abstract (which means that you have committed 
to participate if your paper is accepted), as soon as convenient for you,
because we will be accepting papers until the limit is reached.

The major goal of this forum is to establish a podium 
for a fruitful exchange of the newest scientific ideas, 
and that is why your participation is extremely important to all of us. 
Only elite researchers and professionals are invited.

If you like to accept this invitation, please send email 
(with title, abstract, and affiliation) 
to amalfi2004 at vreme.yubc.net

Conditions of this invitation are as follows:

1. Duration of your slot is 30 minutes (20 to 25 minutes for your talk,
and the rest for discussions).

2. You are financially responsible:

(a) for the air ticket to arrive to Napoli, Italy 
(b) for the hotel/breakfast cost for 3 days,
one person in a single room = e695,
two persons in a double room = e895,
two adult persons and a child in a tripple room = e985 
(child is 12 or below), 
three adult persons in a tripple room = e995. 
(c) for the conference fee (e302).

3. The conference fee is e302. It includes the program, 
a book of abstracts, a CD with full papers, a cocktail 
and the welcome dinner on the arrival day, and access to 
all professional and social activities of the SSCCII-2004. 
Also FREE transfer from the Napoli airport or railway station, 
to the hotel (upon arrival) and back (on departure).

4. For paper layout format, you are free to select any format 
that meets your needs and esthetical criteria.
Your paper will be reviewed, with the major intention to provide you with 
a feedback that can help improve the quality.

5. Full papers are limited to maximum 1MBy and minimum 4 pages.

6. The scope of the conference is relatively wide: Informatics, Internet, 
Computer Science and Engineering, Interdisciplinary Research, MBA, 
Internet aspects of Medicine, Education, Management, Law, etc. 
Of course, traditional Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
and Engineering Physics, or BioEngineering and Environment Protection, too.

URL(SSCCII-2004 VIP Scientific Forum) => 

URL(Chairman of the SSCCII-2004 VIP Scientific Forum) =>

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. V. Milutinovic

PS - Please tell us exactly if you want to be informed about other 
scientific non-profit conferences organized by us.
If you would like not to receive information about our conferences, 
please let us know.
Our office is closed (vacations) till October 12.
We will reply to your email as soon as we return.

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