[Samba] Permissions on Samba share for Windows users

Tim Jordan, Network Services timothy_jordan at labor.state.ak.us
Fri Oct 10 23:49:01 GMT 2003

I'm working with Samba 3 on my Gentoo box. So far setting up 
andconfiguring Samba w/ldap and krb5 support is pretty straight 
forwared.  My Gentoo box is now a member server of the domain, shows up 
in Active Directory.

I can get a kerbereos ticket from our W2K PDC and connect to windows 
shares with as little effort as:
smbclient //server/share -k

Now I'm ready to start moving into setting permissions on directories 
and files for my Samba shares.  

I did read chapters 12 & 13 of the how to but I'm still stuggling.

So far I have:

1. created a share:
   [Linux Software]
   comment = Help your self
   browseable = yes
   writable = yes
   path = /mnt/windows/Software/
   #nt acl support = true
   public = yes
   write list = @domadm

2. I created a user named jon and have added him to the domadm group also did an smbpasswd -a.
    Jon set his linux password to match his windows password - I don't know if this is critical...

3. The unix permisions on /mnt/windows/Software:
 	drwxr--r--   57 tim  root        32768 Oct  8 00:49 Software

4. I have tried to give ownership of the /mnt/windows/Software directory to domadm but I cannot-
    It comes back with:
	bash-2.05b$ chgrp domadm Software
	chgrp: changing group of `Software': Operation not permitted
    I did this as root.  The partition is a FAT32 Partition.

Now as tim from my windows xpbox I can browse the Linux Software share but jon can not!

I have jon in the domadm group, the share is browseable...what am I missing?

I love Samba - but I really need to nail down how I'm going to implement permissions on directories and files! 

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