[Samba] Samba - NT4DC: Unable to change file permissions via Windows GUI

Ezra Klug ezrak at 3sharp.com
Fri Oct 10 22:06:27 GMT 2003



I have a RH9 Samba machine (default Server/no updates) joined to an
NT4DC with an XP and another NT4 box connecting and sharing files just
fine.  So I thought, it came to my attention that from the Windows GUI
you cannot change the permissions on a file or folder even if you own
the file.


I have been over the smb.conf file and tried all sorts of examples with
no luck.  Strange thing is that our RH8 box worked perfect...I even
tried an upgrade of that box to RH9 and whatever RH9 does breaks it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated also let me know what other info
is required to help me out with this.






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