[Samba] Windows 2K EFS interface in Samba?

Alan Shih alan at storlinksemi.com
Fri Oct 10 02:50:37 GMT 2003

I would love to.  I could start with a network prob and document what Win
client's communication looks like, unless someone has some idea about the
efs's rpc?



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On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 02:31, Alan wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to figure out if there is a way for Samba to provide similar
> functions in "encrypting" files base on window's client interface. Has
> anyone done any study in this area?

Not that I know of - in Linux, the encrypted filesystem operations occur
at the block layer, so you can certainly host an encrypted file on
Samba, but the network traffic would be clear-text.

But if you are interested in doing this kind of stuff, you could
probably implement the appropriate calls (adding a new per-file
encryption layer) in a Samba4 NTVFS module.

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