[Samba] Share Bridging...?

Randy Grafton rgrafton at indatacorp.com
Fri Oct 10 00:11:25 GMT 2003

We've got Samba 2.2.8a running on FreeBSD 4.8. This particular machine is
multihomed with a recompiled kernel facilitating NAT. Our goal was to
isolate our software QA lab so to keep them from spreading potential
problems to our production network. This system has a single share called
/data. Within /data are folders and files that are stored locally. Also in
this directory are folders that are mount points. These mount points are
utilized by the mount_smbfs command to mount Windows shares from the
production lan with read-only access. Because the mount points are in the
samba shared folder they get passed along to the isolated QA lan. I know
this must sound weird, because it is, but it's working. Users and systems in
the isolated lan are able to get to the locally stored/shared files on this
samba server as well as get to the data on the production lan through the
'bridged' shares with read-only access.
Okay, now for the problem. When an isolated lan system browses a 'bridged'
share the following error message comes up on the console of the server:
smb_maperror: Unmapped error 1:158

It seems that each error that is displayed has a one-to-one relationship
with the number of files/folders that exist in the area of the bridged share
that was just accessed. For example; through windows explorer an isolated
user opens a 'bridged' share that has four folders in it, then four smb
errors show up on the console. Everything continues to work without issue
but today we experienced our first system lockup and we were forced to
physically restart the server.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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