[Samba] Can't compile VFS module 'recycle.c' in samba 2.2.8 on OpenBSD 3.2

Nikolay Arhangelskiy ann at novsu.ac.ru
Thu Oct 9 17:54:48 GMT 2003

Hello samba,

  I have OpenBSD 3.2 box with samba 2.2.8 installed. When I try to
  compile VFS modute recycle I get
   # make: don't know how to make recycle/recycle.so. Stop in /usr/samba/samba-2.2.8/examples/VFS.

   Is there are any way to compile this module? May be any patch for
   samba or OpenBSD?

Best regards,
 Nikolay                          mailto:ann at novsu.ac.ru

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