[Samba] No NT domain controller is available problem

Andrey Oleinik aoleinik at hain-celestial.com
Thu Oct 9 15:54:20 GMT 2003


I tried to configure my Samba server to run WINS on it.
And it didn't work.  I mean I added wins support = yes line
into my
config file, restarted Samba,
and WINS didn't work. I was getting  "wins_srv_died(): Could
not mark
WINS server down."  error messages...
I run WINS service on a NT box and made Samba to use that
server as WINS
server. All those things had been done
before I started testing names resolution on my Linux
server. I mean
with the WINS things setup the way Samba wants it
I still cannot get test # 5 passed (using a client name like
using client's IP address it works) and my
users still cannot find the domain controller... .

Sure enough if I add an entry for the client into hosts file
on the
server, the test 5 gets passed... But that is not the way I
want things to work :-)))

BTW, I don't have firewall running on my linux box.

I appreciate any ideas/thoughts you guys might have
regarding this :-)

Thanks a lot,

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How have you configured WINS? Have you read the
Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf? You might benefit from reading
chapter 9.

John T.

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Andrey Oleinik wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have samba server 2.2.8a to act as a PDC on a mixed
> WinXP/Win2k/WinNT network.
> I joined all my workstations to the domain with no
> problem...  And users
> can login into the domain
> and access their folders/printers, BUT!!!  Every now and
> then they
> cannot log in getting error message
> that domain controller cannot be found....
> I'm trying to track the problem down :-) When I went thru
> the
> DIAGNOSIS.TXT, test #5 fails:
> [root at homo bin]# ./nmblookup -B CMP0094 '*'
> querying * on
> *<00>
> [root at homo]#
> (Server name is "homo", client is "CMP0094",
> the servers IP is, the clients ip
> is
> Shouldn't the above lookup answer with the clients ip?
> I have 2 Win2003 servers as domain members as well. Can
that be the
> problem?
> I mean it seems like Samba 3.x may be the more appropriate
> to server
> Win2003 systems?
> Thanks!
> Andrey.

John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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