[Samba] Newbie Authentication Questions

Bill Robinson samba at oozy.ws
Thu Oct 9 13:11:18 GMT 2003

Quoting John H Terpstra <jht at samba.org>:

> The bottom line is that NUA did not happen for user accounts and it is
> hardly useable for machine accounts. My advice is do not use the NUA
> facility because when we re-introduce it what is there will most likely
> not be compatible with the new mechanisms. At least if you have machine
> accounts in your password back end (eg: /etc/passwd) there will be a
> mechanism to migrate them to a new system.

hmm - ok - i think i'm going to look at the winbind stuff and see if something 
can be worked out there (as suggested by jeremy), but thanks all (andrew/john) 
for the clarifications about some of the interworkings of samba.  
most of the issues i'm having w/ this setup are due to the inflexibility of the 
environment, not samba btw.  


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