[Samba] Samba-3.0.0, LPRng-3.8.21 and printer queues

Assar Svensson assar at sm.luth.se
Thu Oct 9 07:47:37 GMT 2003


I have problem with finding my printerjobbs in sambas printer queue, 
I do se the jobb while it is in /var/spool/samba, but not when the job
been spooled to LPRngs spool. 

  printing = lprng
  lpq command = /usr/server/LPRng-3.8.21/bin/lpq -P%p
  print command = /usr/server/LPRng-3.8.21/bin/lpr -b -P%p <%s ;rm %s

The printing job shows up in the LPRng queue e.i.
/usr/server/LPRng-3.8.21/bin/lpq -Pprinter
shows the job. 

But from log.smbd:
Running the command `/usr/server/LPRng-3.8.21/bin/lpq -Pprinter' gave 0

Can anyone help me with this. (CUPS is not a solution for me)

Assar Svensson (assar at sm.luth.se)
Datordriften - Institutionerna för Systemteknik och Matematik
Luleå tekniska universitet
Tel: 0920 - 49 2448

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