[Samba] Problem with swat on new installation

Gavin Davenport gavdav at gavdav.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 8 19:24:07 GMT 2003

netstat -an | grep LIST

if there's an entry for *.901 the service is listening.

should also be things written into $logdir/log.swat I think.

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Just subscribed to this list and already need some help :)

I just installed Samba (samba-3.0.0-2_rh8.i386.rpm) and have some trouble
getting swat to work. When trying to open localhost:901 (or 'hostname':901
or, i've tried them all ;) ) i get:

'An error occured while loading (whatever adress i used)
 Connection to host (whatever adress i used) is broken'

Is there anything i should look for? I've tried tweaking stuff back and
forwards but am stuck now. Is there any way i can reach swat other than by
browser url?

- Daniel

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