[Samba] charsets in samba3

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at vernstok.nl
Wed Oct 8 16:03:06 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 16:10, Andre de Koning wrote:
> Is there any way to make samba use whatever the default charset was on samba
> 2.2.x (like 2.2.3?).
Set the unix charset to the charset your clients are using. E.g. unix
charset = CP850 and also make sure you dos charset is set correctly.
However, you should rather try to convert the filenames to the correct

> I've just upgraded to samba 3 and just about every second file displays
> incorrectly on my windows clients and most of them refuse to open because of
> this.  THis is causing absolute chaos to the point where I (an avid windows
> hater) am starting to look at reload all the servers in question with w2k
> server.
> I've played around with "dos charset", "unix charset" and "display charset"
> but have no luck.  I have no clue what this should be set to to make this
> work like they did before with samba 2.2.3 and don't even have a clue what
> options I can choose from - nothing in the man page except one example!
Read the Unicode chapter in the Samba HOWTO Collection for details about
these options. This chapter also contains a link to a utility that can
convert your filenames to the correct unix charset.


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