[Samba] charsets in samba3

Andre de Koning andre at vippayroll.co.za
Wed Oct 8 14:10:29 GMT 2003

Is there any way to make samba use whatever the default charset was on samba
2.2.x (like 2.2.3?).

I've just upgraded to samba 3 and just about every second file displays
incorrectly on my windows clients and most of them refuse to open because of
this.  THis is causing absolute chaos to the point where I (an avid windows
hater) am starting to look at reload all the servers in question with w2k

I've played around with "dos charset", "unix charset" and "display charset"
but have no luck.  I have no clue what this should be set to to make this
work like they did before with samba 2.2.3 and don't even have a clue what
options I can choose from - nothing in the man page except one example!

Any help, PLEASE?
André de Koning
IT Manager
Softline VIP Payroll
Tel: +27 12 420 7000
andre at vippayroll.co.za

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