[Samba] urgent help needed! pam_smb auth any password...

Luís Miguel Silva lms at ispgaya.pt
Wed Oct 8 12:50:28 GMT 2003

Hello all,

I need *urgent* help with this one!

I have a samba 3.0 server which auths on mysql, the confs are the following:
netbios name = AUTH
workgroup = COMPANY
security = user
domain logons = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes
os level = 69
passdb backend = mysql:mysql
mysql:mysql host =
mysql:mysql user = samba
mysql:mysql password = whocares
mysql:mysql database = samba

domain logons = yes
logon script=/home/samba/netlogon/todos.bat %U
name resolve order = host wins lmhosts bcast
wins support = yes
dns proxy = yes

logon path=
logon home=

comment = Network Logon Service
path = /home/samba/netlogon
guest ok = yes
writable = no
share modes = no

All the other samba servers auth nicely on samba 3.0, and im able to logon the domain, but...
when i try to auth an account with pam_smb, i can ALLWAYS connect!

It accepts ANY login/password pair!

I read the pam_smb "warning" which said:
This version contains a bug-fix that stops pam_smb from authenticating 
against servers in share mode i.e. Win 95 or samba in share mode.
If you had a share mode server by mistake in your pam_smb.conf
anyone could log in to any a/c on your machine with no password !!!

I allready installed this version...and checked the code and it doesnt seem to do no good.

Can anybody help me with this?

My pam_smb version is 1.1.7

Thanks in advance,
| Luís Miguel Silva
| Network Administrator@ ISPGaya.pt
| Rua António Rodrigues da Rocha, 291/341 
| Sto. Ovídio • 4400-025 V. N. de Gaia
| Portugal
| T: +351 22 3745730/3/5  F: +351 22 3745738
| G: +351 93 6371253      E: lms at ispgaya.pt
| H: http://lms.ispgaya.pt/

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