[Samba] Still having touble with Redhat 7.1 and windows 2003 DC authentication.

Gavin Davenport gavdav at gavdav.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 8 08:16:31 GMT 2003

>>Have you tried using MIT krb5 1.3.1 ? I know the signing works with
>>that release. I'm wondering if Heimdal is doing the subkeys correctly.
Ok, so I downloaded it, built it, and installed it over the top of my RPM
krb5 files.

It didn't work - the build failed :(
Compiling smbd/server.c
Linking bin/smbd
libsmb/clikrb5.o: In function `ads_krb5_mk_req':
libsmb/clikrb5.o(.text+0x24d): undefined reference to
libads/krb5_setpw.o: In function `ads_krb5_set_password':
libads/krb5_setpw.o(.text+0x1117): undefined reference to
libads/kerberos.o: In function `kerberos_kinit_password':
libads/kerberos.o(.text+0x160): undefined reference to `krb5_cc_initialize'
libads/kerberos.o(.text+0x19d): undefined reference to `krb5_cc_store_cred'
libads/kerberos.o(.text+0x1b6): undefined reference to `krb5_cc_close'
libads/kerberos.o(.text+0x1ef): undefined reference to `krb5_cc_close'
libads/kerberos_verify.o: In function `free_keytab':
libads/kerberos_verify.o(.text+0x19): undefined reference to `krb5_kt_close'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.13401 (%build)

RPM build errors:
    Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.13401 (%build)

currently have the following krb rpms installed

Next step, I'm going to build the rawhide 1.3.1 srpm

and try and solve the dependencies stopping it installing.

Sheesh this is a pain.

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On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 04:34:14PM +0100, Gavin Davenport wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm still going round in circles trying to get winbindd authentication
> against a 2003 server working.
> I have what appears to be the same problem as:
> http://www.ssite.org/articles/view.aspx?class=2&articleid=2
> There's something wrong with the SMB Packet signing on this machine.
> In parallel, I succcessfully built and have got working samba-devel on
> FreeBSD 5.1 against the same ADS.
> I used these hints:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/freebsd-questions@freebsd.org/msg33123.html
> and it works (using a pretty much identical smb.conf)
> Key additions are:
>         client signing = Yes
>         server signing = Yes
>         client use spnego = Yes
> The box I'm having trouble with is a redhat 7.1 box. I've upgraded the
> standard 7.1 RPMs re. krb & pam from:
> [root at potato samba]# rpm -qa | grep krb
> pam_krb5-1.31-1
> krb5-libs-1.2.2-24
> krb5-workstation-1.2.2-24
> krb5-devel-1.2.2-24
> krbafs-1.0.5-1
> krbafs-utils-1.0.5-1
> to:
> pam_krb5-1.55-1
> krb5-libs-1.2.2-24
> krb5-workstation-1.2.2-24
> krb5-devel-1.2.2-24
> krbafs-1.0.9-2
> krbafs-devel-1.0.9-2
> krbafs-utils-1.0.9-2
> Using some SRPMs from rh7.3.
> I don't know how to work out what version of Heimdal is within these
> packages which samba-3 has linked to. I have read that 2003 server
> heimdal 1.6 or older, so I went and got that, compiled and built it
> (from: ftp://ftp.pdc.kth.se/pub/heimdal/src/)

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