[Samba] Re: Oplock problems

Bernd Wegenstein bwegenstein at wegenstein-partner.at
Wed Oct 8 07:23:43 GMT 2003

I'm experiencing the same problem.
We are using W98 and XP clients with Office97. Word and Excel both produce
the same problem.
When you open a file there is no oplock --> after saving the first time
there is an "EXCLUSIVE+BATCH" oplock.
I think this might be somehow connected to another Problem we've got with
Sometimes i'm getting opplock_break failures for different clients - both 98
and Xp.
Oct  7 15:22:04 wegenstein -- MARK --
Oct  7 15:42:04 wegenstein -- MARK --
Oct  7 15:59:00 wegenstein /USR/SBIN/CRON[23923]: (root) CMD ( rm -f
Oct  7 16:10:27 wegenstein smbd[23944]: [2003/10/07 16:10:27, 0]
Oct  7 16:10:28 wegenstein smbd[23944]:   oplock_break: receive_smb timed
out after 30 seconds.
Oct  7 16:10:28 wegenstein smbd[23944]:   oplock_break failed for file
GLEITZ.doc (dev = 900, inode = 3129497, file_id = 3).
Oct  7 16:10:28 wegenstein smbd[23944]: [2003/10/07 16:10:28, 0]
Oct  7 16:10:28 wegenstein smbd[23944]:   oplock_break: client failure in
oplock break in file GLEITZ.doc
Oct  7 16:22:04 wegenstein -- MARK --
Oct  7 16:42:04 wegenstein -- MARK --
The client takes about 30sec to recover and write the (small) file to the
samba share which makes the performance look very poor. During this time i
browse the contents of the mapped network drive.
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem are highly apreciated.

Bernd Wegenstein

"Charlie Leach" <charlie at whatmusic.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:018a01c389db$a0bf2370$348ffdd5 at charlie...
> Dear all,
> I am new to this, I apologise if I am using this list improperly...
> I'm experiencing an oplock problem since installing windows 2000 service
> pack 4.
> The problem was not solved by upgrading from Samba 2.2.3a to 3.0.0 rc4
> When I open an excel file from the windows environment no oplock is
> activated. This causes the problem that when I save the file I get a
> standard "do you want to overwrite" dialogue. Once the file's been saved
> once, the oplock kicks in "EXCLUSIVE+BATCH" and all is fine. (MS Word
> doesn't have the problem).
> I don't understand how oplock works, and why it's not locking the file
> to me as a user when I open it, but only when I save it.
> Can someone let me know where I might learn about oplocks or explain
> what the problem is so I might solve it?
> I've got 500 points (maybe more if it's complicated) running on this on
> experts exchange if anyone wants to answer it there:
> http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Linux_Networking/Q_20749863.h
> tml
> Do I need to subscribe to the list to get an answer?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Charlie Leach
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