[Samba] SUCCESS report: samba3 as single-sign-on provider in heterogeneous network

Marcus Blomenkamp Marcus.Blomenkamp at epost.de
Wed Oct 8 07:43:09 GMT 2003

Hi all,

to raise the bug vs success ratio i'd like to express my gratitude to all 
samba members and those who, though not in-core developers, generously 
supported noobs like me on this mail list. 

I've set up an environment two months ago and it has run without glitches or 
tweaks since then. Now as misusing my family as beta testers has worked out 
so nicely i will deploy an identical setup in the institute i'm working for.

Samba and OpenLDAP in pair function as single-sign-on provider. All 
information (passwords, users, mappings etc) is stored in ldap under strict 
permission policies - all within ldap except the password to access ldap. :) 
Authentication is handled centrally through samba. Clients are debian woody 
and windows xp machines joined into the domain. The network is heterogenous 
itself with some machines sitting on wireless lan. Roaming profiles perform 
great with only one warning being spit out on the winxp machines: 'cannot 
find active directory controller' or similar ;)

Unix clients currently suck their uid/gid information directly from ldap as 
i'm still relying upon NFS for home directory access. I've setup auto-mount 
smb/cifs home dirs through pam_mount too, however smbfs/cifs seem far from 
usable in respect of unix specialties such as absolute symbolic links. Has 
anythind happened in this direction recently? This would definitively be the 
dot on the i.

big thanks from here, Marcus

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