[Samba] remote windows management

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Tue Oct 7 16:55:50 GMT 2003

I keep hoping for better wasy to remotely manage windows machines
through samba.

In the very old samba-tng there was an rpcclient that could connect to
a remote machine and do various things like read/write the registry,
grab event logs, etc.  I could never get it to work very well and
waited for a better one.

The trouble is the rpcclient program in samba-current doesn't have
these features.  

Is there any work to add these to an rpcclient for samba or are these
features moved elsewhere?

I really want total control over windows2000/xp box similar to what
you get through the mmc -- control user accounts, start/stop services,
remote regedit, etc.

any pointers?

David Bear
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