[Samba] Samba connecting with NIS

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 7 13:19:03 GMT 2003

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Ben Segbawu wrote:

| I just installed samba 3.0 with the --with-netgroup-support
| option. I was under the impression this would allow me to
| connect to my unix system using NIS authentication.

This is apples and oranges.  You don't need any extra
flags as long as NIS users can be obtained via getpwnam().
You do need to disable 'encrypt passwords' though.  And
you will also probably need to read up on the 'password
level' parameter in smb.conf(5).

| # Global parameters
| [global]
|         workgroup = HEALTH
|         server string = Solaris Samba Server 3.0
|         security = SERVER
|         password server = addc01

This doesn't make sense to me if you want to authenticate
against NIS.  I think you need to read the HOWTO's again.
security = server is for authenticating against a remote
SMB server (and this mode has been deprecated in favor of
security = domain for several years now).

cheers, jerry
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