[Samba] RE: Samba 3.0 and LDAP as a PDC

Ganguly, Sapan Sapan.Ganguly at thalesgroup.com
Tue Oct 7 12:08:34 GMT 2003

If someone answers my question I will even write a howto!

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> Subject:	Samba 3.0 and LDAP as a PDC
> Hello all,
> I hope this is an easy one, I've read all the howtos but I'm still very
> hazy on how to do this.  What I want to do is replace my NT4 PDC with a
> Samba 3.0 PDC with an LDAP backend.  
> I've got my OpenLDAP up and running with the basic People, Computers and
> Groups ou's.  
> I've put the builtin NT groups in too.  
> I have Samba 3.0 functioning as a BDC 
> The trouble is that the 'net rpc vampire' command isn't working for me,
> probably because I haven't defined the smbldap scripts right in smb.conf.
> I've put all the relavent bits in smbldap_conf.pm. If anyone has done this
> already please may I see a copy of your smb.conf?
> 'net rpc samdump' works, I guess the output from that could be used to
> populate the the LDAP, is there a script for that?
> I've also tried the smbldap-migrate-accounts.pl script, to import all the
> information from a pwdump of my PDC, this sort of worked but it only
> created posix accounts, is this right?  Also pwdump.exe does not seem to
> dump groups so what are you supposed to use smbldap-migrate-groups.pl
> with?
> I think I might be able to work this out if I can just get a look at
> someone else's smb.conf.
> Sapan Ganguly
> Thales Research

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