[Samba] samba as PDC in FreeBSD

Mark lists at greplinux.dyndns.org
Mon Oct 6 21:29:41 GMT 2003

Hello all, I've set up samba as a PDC in FreeBSD 5.1-release. I seemed
to have no problems joining my computer to the domain as it said
"Welcome to the domain" but when I try and log in it says it can't
contact the domain controller or the domain account doesn't exist. Can
anyone offer any help on how to fix this?


Kind regards,


I take it you are using Windows XP ?? If you are, there is a reg hack
that needs to be applied that will allow CXP to join a samba PDC. It is
available here:

Samba Setup Guide: www.samba.netfirms.com
My gpg public key: www.samba.netfirms.com/gnupg/gpg_public.asc 

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