[Samba] nwebie problems.

Gavin Davenport gavdav at gavdav.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 5 14:26:37 GMT 2003

Hi there

I'm built samba-3.0.0-2 from the src rpm on a redhat 7.1 system.
I had to make sure a few ldap and kerberos devel rpms were installed, but I
managed to build and install it eventually.
I added:
        --with-ads \
        --with-krb5=/usr/kerberos \
to the SPEC file for the package.

I followed mainly whats in here:
and succeeded, briefly, in getting it all working (I think) for about 20

unfortunately I had to power off the machine as I lost control of it (don't
ask), got the machine back up and running,
and I now dont seem to be able to get it to use ADS authentication.

I'm now a bit confused in order what things are supposed to happen.

Is winbindd dependent on a working krb5.conf ?
How to I determine what bit isn't working ?

kinit -U user at REALM appears to challenge me for the right password, and work

I appear to be able to net ads join and net ads leave ok.

if I run winbindd with -i and -vv I get:

got principal=pdc$@REALM
Doing kerberos session setup
signing_good: SMB signature check failed on seq 1!
SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
failed kerberos session setup with NT_STATUS_OK
failed anonymous session setup with NT_STATUS_OK

Every 10 minutes or so.

kadmin also doesn't seem to work - I get:
]# kadmin
Authenticating as principal Username/user at REALM with password.
kadmin: Client not found in Kerberos database while initializing kadmin

my machine didn't have a /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kdc.conf file - do I create
one by hand or is there a tool to help generate one ??

Can anyone help me with some diagnostic tips ?

Gavin Davenport

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