[Samba] Trouble adding new users with samba 3.0

Mark lists at greplinux.dyndns.org
Sat Oct 4 18:51:29 GMT 2003

An update, I just uninstalled samba 3.0 and reinstalled 2.2.8. I can add
users now with no problems...using the exact same parameters. I know my
way around samba pretty good, however I feel that maybe I am missing
something here..

Samba Setup Guide: www.samba.netfirms.com
My gpg public key: www.samba.netfirms.com/gnupg/gpg_public.asc 

Mandrake 9.1, Samba 3.0 (used rpm's)

I just upgraded one of my pc's to samba 3.0 today. The issue is that all
existing users before the upgrade can log onto the samba pdc with no
problems. However any new users that I add cannot log on. I thought that
maybe something had gone wrong so I uninstalled 3.0 and any remnants of
2.2.8 and did a clean install of samba 3.0. After installing, the issue
remains. I have tried various different (new) users and passwords and
still  the logons will not work. The logs here show "FAILED with error
NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD". But the passwords are correct....


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