[Samba] 3.0 question

Curtis Vaughan curtis at npc-usa.com
Sat Oct 4 17:12:27 GMT 2003

Finally, 3.0 stable is out and I have a question!

Currently, the PDC (if we might say) is a RedHat 8.0 Server with Samba 
2.2.8. Another Win file server is a Debian server with Samba 2.2.3 (I 

Anyhow, I want to give 3.0 a go in our organization, but I don't want 
to update the RedHat server - yet.  So, my question is this, can I take 
advantage of 3.0 by updating the Debian server, but it must somehow get 
user logon information through PAM/LDAP from the RedHat server.

When I say take advantage, I want to move over to an "active 
directories", etc. environment.


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