[Samba] Samba entries in the LDAP tree, help!

Ed Asbury easbury at VOGELEAMERICA.COM
Fri Oct 3 20:30:32 GMT 2003

I can NOT find any information on how to get the following into the LDAP tr=
ee (and where they should be located) from the documentation. I am definite=
ly an LDAP beginner and assembling the tree from reading schema's is still =
over my head. I am able to connect to samba using only LDAP authentication =
and can add users, but that is all I can successfully do, "net groupmap add=
", "net group" returns nothing, "pdbedit -L" etc. fail miserably because I =
don't have everything I need in the tree (which I can see from setting the =
debugging to 2)it isn't finding these entries because I don't know where to=
 put them and how this thing structurally should be laid out. Specifically =
where do the following fit into the LDAP tree; sambaGroupMapping, sambaUnix=
IdPool, sambaIdmapEntry (automatically created?), and sambaSidEntry.  =

I used the IdealX smbldap-populate.pl tool to get the basic structure there=
 and have at least gotten the User authentication portion working.  But if =
someone could give me a clue of where to look (if I somehow missed it in th=
e documents, but I don't see how because I read it from cover to cover) and=
/or how to get started on the rest of this, I would be eternally grateful. =

So far the tree looks approximately as so;

dc=3Dvogeleusa, dc=3Dcom
|_cn=3Droot =

|_ou=3DComputers (as created by smbldap-populate.pl, no entries here yet)
|_ou=3DGroups (as created by smbldap-populate.pl)
    |_cn=3DDomain Admins
|_ou=3DUsers (as created by smbldap-populate.pl)
|_sambaDomainName(sambaDomain)=3DVOGELEUSA (created automatically by pdbedi=
t or a net command, I have forgotten which)

I would greatly appreciate any help as I have been working on TRYING to get=
 LDAP and Samba to work together for over a week now and have had only mino=
r luck in getting the two to cooperate.  Samba 3 does work fine with smbpas=
swd, I would just like to use LDAP exclusively for single sign.

Ed Asbury
Systems Admin/Programmer
Vogele America, Inc.

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