[Samba] WINS client question

Brett Funderburg brettf at deepfile.com
Fri Oct 3 17:42:08 GMT 2003

It's unclear to me in the case where I'm only interested in using samba as
a client to mount remote volumes *and* I need to use a WINS server for
name resolution, if I just have to set values for

wins server
name resolve order

in the smb.conf file or if nmbd is also required to be running.

My understanding is that nmbd provides browsing support; but assume I
already know the servers and volume names ahead of time and don't need to

My expectation is that any client (such as smbmount) that knows where to
look for the smb.conf file would find the value for wins server and use
that for the lookup. I'm not sure what role if any nmbd would play unless
I wanted to browse.

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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