[Samba] Samba 3 reports 'directory does not exist' when trying creating an already existing directory

Arnold Hendriks a.hendriks at b-lex.nl
Fri Oct 3 17:13:45 GMT 2003

> This would be a bug in the error code we are returning. I'll try 
> to reproduce it. Can you open an issue in https://bugzilla.samba.org/ 
> so it doesn't get lost. Thanks. 
I have reported it as bug #559.  If you need any more help or info, let me 
know. It seems that even when commenting out the offending options, 
wincvs still complains, although mkdir returns the proper error codes.

I had to downgrade to a 2.2.x version to get stuff working again (there 
were also some problems overwriting existing files on a network share, 
haven't looked into that yet), but I can do a bit more testing in the weekend 
if you have any pointer where to look for these issues.

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