[Samba] Login Script Doesn't

Frederico Madeira fred at farmaciadospobres.com.br
Fri Oct 3 11:44:23 GMT 2003


My problem like your.

I have a login script  called by login.bat. In win 2k and xp, he works
fine (map drivers and sync time) but in win 9x machine he don't work. He
start the dos windows show running the commands, tell me that map ans
syc was ok but noting is shared and time isn't sync.

I don't know what occour.

Frederico Madeira
Coordenador de Suporte
N. Landim Comércio Ltda
PABX: 81. 3497.3029
e-mail: fred at farmaciadospobres.com.br

Em Dom, 2003-03-16 às 18:26, Bob Crandell escreveu:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get the logon script to with in XP.  This same logon script
> works in Win98.  I finally discovered that it will work if I change
> logon drive =
> to
> logon drive = z:
> Now I'm really confused.  The Netlogon is path is /home/samba and shared as
> \\server\netlogon.  Z: is mapped as \\server\home\.  This means the path to the
> logon script is Z:\samba\logon.bat Not Z:\logon.bat.  Why? And is this correct?
> XP will not run \\server\netlogon\logon.bat from the command prompt.
> Samba is 2.2.7a
> Thanks
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