[Samba] slow access to share with force user from XP client

Christoph Witzig christoph.witzig at opit.ch
Fri Oct 3 11:11:35 GMT 2003

Dear all,

we are happy users of samba but with the introduction of XP clients we
are having the following problem:

Overall performance is very good but there is one share which we
defined as follows:

        comment = CAD
        path = /data/cad
        browsable = yes
        writeable = yes

        force user = cad
        write list = @cad
        read list = @users

        create mask = 0664
        directory mask = 0775

Saving files from XP clients to this share is painfully slow (1-2 minutes for
files of a few megabytes). From W2k clients there is no problem. Performance
from XP clients to other shares is also no problem.

Have other samba users experienced similar problems?
Is the "force user=..." the reason?
(BTW:  We had to choose this mode to let a CAD program set the write lock
bit on the files.)

Many thanks in advance



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   christoph.witzig at opit.ch

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