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> Hello,
> I think I wasn't that clear as I should.
> We have dual boot PCs in laboratories where students have access. We
> have active directory for windows, and we would like to be able to
> authenticate to linux as vell using the same username/password.
> If I join a computer running linux to the domain using the tools
> provided by samba 3, it will rewrite the computer's entry in the
> directory, so the next time I boot windows on the same computer  I
> cannot login using domain accounts.
> Is there a possibility to join a computer to the AD without changing the
> computer account information in the AD?

Not really, since the machines also change their own passwords, so even
if you can sync them once, you would have problems sync'ing the later.

> Or how can I use both windows and linux on the same computer and
> authenticate in the AD?

Join the linux installations seperately.

To answer the question in your title, you can automatically mout the
shares from the server at login time, using pam_mount. However, you
cannot use a Windows share as the home directory if you want to use KDE
or GNOME. You can't even (at present) use a samba server for this, even
using the cifs driver on the client. You still would need NFS, and that
would require that your winbind mappings are shared (ie in AD or some
other LDAP server, but I haven't done this myself ..).

It's easier to server heterogenous clients using
Linux/Samba/OpenLDAP/NFS IMHO ...


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