[Samba] Changed XP user name can't access share

Steve Smith s.w.smith at cox.net
Thu Oct 2 20:47:34 GMT 2003

What name does Windows XP Pro use when it accesses a shared folder on a Freebsd/SAMBA file server?  Is it the XP's local original account name, a changed account name, the computer name or something else? 

I'm using an Intel Network Attached Storage appliance that runs FreeBSD with SAMBA. For more info, see http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/releases/ib072099.htm and http://www.intel.com/support/inbusiness/storagestation/. This is used simply as a file server in a small office. I had given a user permission to access a certain folder on this Intel Freebsd server and the user was able to access it just fine. We replaced the user's Windows XP Pro computer with a new Windows XP Pro computer.  I changed the user's account name on new computer to match the user's account name on the old computer. The user on the new computer could not access the folder. After several attempts, I finally deleted the XP user account and created a new user account with the same name and we were able to access the folder on the Intel Freebsd server just fine. Apparently the changed XP user name was not the name that Xp was using to log onto the server to access the share. Is that correct behavior for an XP work station accessing a Freebsd server?  If so, is this different from logging into a Windows server?  Is there a way to make XP log on to a share with a changed user's name or is it necessary to create a new user account? 

Steve Smith

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