[Samba] Multiple Group permissions with Samba

anth jaz antsoundz at eudoramail.com
Thu Oct 2 18:34:11 GMT 2003

I have been trying to get a straight answer on this and hoping that someone can help me out. This is my current configuration (simplified) and what I need. 

We have 4 directories. Call them directory "a, b, c, and d".
We also have 4 groups. Lets call them "admin, user, exec, db."
We would want "amdin" group full control over all directories.
Next we want group "user" to have read only rights to a & b. No rights to c & d.
Group "exec" needs read only rights to c & d but read & write/modify priviledges to a & b.
And the "db" group needs write/modify priviledges to all directories but not full control. 

I am not sure if Samba 3 can do this or not. I have read many posts that say it can't and some say it can. I think this has something to do with "NUA" but not quite sure. I am not a Linux/Unix guru but have Samba configured on a Workgroup before and it worked beautiful. I am trying to give my current employer a Linux (Open Source) option opposed to purchasing more M$ licenses just for a file server. They are very concerned that at least this amount of security is available through Samba 3 and it will not be much more configuration than M$ file server. Also, we are running in an NT Domain (not ADS), but are thinking of going to ADS at a later date. Thanks for the help. 

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