[Samba] join domain failure "system account not in primary...."

jon at dullesmicro.com jon at dullesmicro.com
Thu Oct 2 17:35:20 GMT 2003

I am trying join a w2k bo to a samba DC on RH9.  I have read that I need 
to add the computer as a user first then join so I did it via these 

adduser myComputer$
smbpasswd -a -m myComputer

Is that all i need to do?

When I join I get the "welcome to the domain message" and then I 
restart.  However when trying to login I get "This systems computer 
account is not in the primary....." and cant log on.

Furthermore there is a long pause before I get the "welcome to the 
domain message" message when I join the domain.  As a result I used 
ethareal to look at the packets a found many protocol errors.  Such as:

DNS: no such name : _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.funk.com
NETLOGON: SAM Response - user unknown

thanks in advance

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