[Samba] Job Logs errorrs

Mark_X_Aston at unipart.co.uk Mark_X_Aston at unipart.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 16:24:20 GMT 2003

We are running SAP on a HPUX 11 DB server, with 6 x NT Apps servers

Occassionally we get a number of failures on batch jobs - across any number
of servers, sometimes with the job terminating immediately on start up, or
other times after several hours of processing. The jobs terminate but we
are unable to view the job logs, and the error messages we are getting from
samba logs are in the format:

[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/process.c:(860)
  Transaction 31420 of length 132
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/process.c:(667)
  switch message SMBntcreateX (pid 14733)
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] lib/util.c:(387)
  unix_clean_name [/UPS/SYS/global/900JOBLG/0001X12005702X82254]
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/dosmode.c:(111)
  unix_mode(UPS/SYS/global/900JOBLG/0001X12005702X82254) returning 0644
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] lib/util.c:(387)
  unix_clean_name [UPS/SYS/global/900JOBLG/0001X12005702X82254]
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/open.c:(158)
  Error opening file UPS/SYS/global/900JOBLG/0001X12005702X82254. (No such
file or directory) (local_flags=0) (flags=0)
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/error.c:(91)
  error string = No such file or directory
[2003/10/02 12:01:03, 3] smbd/error.c:(99)
  error packet at smbd/nttrans.c(883) cmd=162 (SMBntcreateX)

The job logs it's reporting 'no such file' do exist on the global area of
the DB server???

Problems are intermittent - can go for weeks without a problem, then get
several failures in one day...

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