[Samba] group export - print queue

KMeunier at bulova.ch KMeunier at bulova.ch
Thu Oct 2 08:22:15 GMT 2003


I'm very happy to provide Linux solutions for windows client, but I'm not
completly satisfied on 2 points.

1. Often, when I creat a windows file and print server; I creat it in
domain controler. Now I havn't find a possibility to export domain group
into local group in each client. Acctualy i must put each domain user into
the apporpriate local group. It make so musch time (principaly for a big
compagny) and it's not very professional ;-))

2. When I configure my server in print server it function nicely. But like
exportation group, I'm not completly satisfied. When a client send a print
it possible to look the print icon in the task bar but when you click on to
look the queue, you see any document. So it's impossible to erease any
document or change priority, all this function must be done on the server
and this is not possible.

So I hope that you could answer to my questions.

Thx to all & cu

Kevin Meunier

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