[Samba] Confusion over case sensitivity

Andy Arbon samba at andrewarbon.co.uk
Wed Oct 1 18:51:24 GMT 2003

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I have a little confusion over one of Samba's configuration options and
I'd like a little clarification over what it does and also what it's
intended to do, if those two are different!

In my smb.conf I have 'case sensitive = yes', along with a couple of the
other options that refer to case. The smb.conf man page says:

case sensitive = yes/no
~  controls whether filenames are case sensitive.  If  they  aren't then
~  Samba must do a filename search and match on passed names

However, if I cd to a mounted samba share I get the following results
from a shell:

ara at zoidberg $ touch test
ara at zoidberg $ file test
test: empty
ara at zoidberg $ file Test
Test: empty
ara at zoidberg $ file test2
test2: Can't stat `test2' (No such file or directory)

IMHO, the correct outcome would be for 'file Test' to have yeilded the
'Can't stat...' message too, as i(n a case sensitive environment) the
file 'Test' does not exist, only 'test' does.

Is this what I should be seeing? If it is, can someone give me a better
illustration of what 'case sensitive = yes' actually does?

Many thanks,

Andy Arbon

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