[Samba] WINS problems, samba 2.2.8a

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at lumentis.se
Wed Oct 1 16:25:18 GMT 2003

I have a network with several WORKGROUPS(lets call them X,Y and Z) in it and a samba 
server which is in one of the WORKGROUPS(X).
I have enabled WINS support in samba and all client machines has WINS server IP
configured that points to the samba server.

When a browsning the network from a client I can only see a some nodes(or none at all)
in WORKGROUPS Y and Z. Usally it takes 10-20 seconds to update the screen when I refresh.
When I look in the wins.dat database I see lots nodes there that don't belong to 
Is this normal behaviour? If not, how can I fix it?


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