[Samba] Unified logins

Wild, Phil Phil.Wild at SEALCORP.com.au
Wed Oct 1 08:01:03 GMT 2003

Hi Samba users,
I posted a couple of messages to the list over the last week about my
problems with winbind, getent and large group entries under Solaris with no
responses/fix on the issue.
My only option is to approach the problem differently.
Some background. The company I work for has approx 900 users defined within
an NT Domain. There is a large project at the moment migrating this to
active/Windows 2003.
A large number of these users will need access to a terminal based
application running on a couple of unix hosts and I would like to build some
sort of infrastructure that would allow the Unix hosts to authenticate
against the NT environment.
We have close to 20 Sun servers and would like to have most of these servers
authenticating against NT.
How would people suggest I best do this? I am guessing that LDAP
authentication into active directory may be the best option (if this
actually works).
Phil Wild
Sealcorp Holdings Ltd
Tel: 08 9415 5595
Mob: 0400 466 952
Email: phil.wild at sealcorp.com.au

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