FW: [Samba] MSCHAPv2 microsoft client/linux/Active Directory

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Oct 31 22:38:36 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 07:58, Ron Wahler wrote:
> I don't want to use a VPN to solve this one.

So this is for dial-in only?

> I am really wondering with (samba 3.x) when the linux box become part of
> The AD domain does it get a special privileges?

It's machine trust account gains privileges to validate NTLM (and
MSCHAP/MSCHAPv2) authentication attempts against the DC, as well as any
other rights you grant it.

I have been implementing a system that allows pppd to authenticate
against an NT (and AD) domain controller, using MSCHAP/MSCHAPv2.

It will find a better home sometime, but my working copy is at:


It is a patch for pppd, to use Samba 3.0's winbind, and ntlm_auth to
perform this authentication.

Andrew Bartlett

> > 
> > Hi,i am not sure if i understand yor needs, but maybe this helps
> > this links guide you to setup a pptp server an client for linux
> > http://www.poptop.org/
> > http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/
> > there are patches to use smbpasswd to auth
> > users which are conect via pptpd
> > and MSCHAPv2 with domain
> > the pptp client should work for login in ras servers
> > radius shuold work too ( radius auth to ldap should work )
> > good Luck
> > 
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