[Samba] Win2K or Samba Caching?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 31 20:36:11 GMT 2003

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Robert Rati wrote:
| I have a PDC that is Samba 3.0 setup to talk to an OpenLDAP server for
| authentication, and I was able to get a user to log in to a Windows 2000
| machine on the domain.  Then I tried adding additional users, but none
| of them could log in.  So I tried deleting the admin user from the LDAP
| database, but the user could still log into the Windows 2000 machine.
| Then I tried stopping the LDAP database completely, and while it took
| the Windows 2000 machine a long time to attempt to authenticate, the
| user could STILL log into the machine.  Does anyone know if Windows 2000
| or Samba 3.0 do any user/authentication cachine?  Is there any other
| explanation for this?

The windows client is cachign the logons.  It's controlled by a
registry key.  CacheLogonsCount or something like that.

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