[Samba] Synchronizing offline files that I am not the owner of fails (Samba 2.2.8/3.0.0)

Craig Box craig at itpartners.co.nz
Thu Oct 30 23:03:10 GMT 2003

Hi everyone,

Problem: Windows XP's offline files synchronization fails with an
"Access is denied" message, if you have edited an offline file that you
have group based access to, but you are not the owner of.  (Not using an
ACL-compatible filesystem.)

In 2.2.x the change appears to be successfully written to the server
anyway; subsequent synchronization attempts suggests that the network
file is more up to date than the local version, and accepting this
clears the error and leaves the newer version on both machines.

On 3.x it appears not to work at all.  When I'm online I can edit the
file; when I'm offline and edit, the changes aren't written back.

How to reproduce: 

1. Create a Samba share (a home directory will suffice) that you can
write to
2. Create a file in that share (using Windows), and mark it available
3. On Linux, set the ownership of the file to be group owned by your
primary group, but a different user (simulating an edit by that user)
4. Stop Samba ("go offline")
5. Wait for Windows to say the share is offline, and edit the file in
Windows.  Save and close the file.
6. Start Samba again
7. Attempt to synchronize.

A level 10 log for synchronizing 'more.txt' can be found at

Lots of newsgroup and mailing list posts seem to imply it was broken in
2.2.3 and fixed by 2.2.5; however I assume that in these cases people
were the owner of the files they were trying to synchronize, and 2.2.8
seems to have my problem.

Any suggestions welcomed!


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