[Samba] Samba Share ACLs

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Oct 30 20:52:32 GMT 2003

> > >> I have a question about Point 3 Samba Share ACLs. Do I need Linux file
> > >> system ACLs in order to be able to define Samba Share ACLs.
> > > No, you do not! You need to use the Server Tools, or the Nexus package
> > > from Microsoft as documented in the HOWTO.
> > Are you saying here that you don't need the ACL patch in linux to do
> > ACL's?
> How much more clear do I need to be?
> I have written the HOWTO and clearly explained what you need to do to set
> ACLs on Shares. Then you ask about this because it is not clear enough.
> Let me try one final time:
> 1. If you want to set ACLs on Files and Directories, then you must have
> ACLs support in your OS.
> 2. If you want to set ACLs on Shares, then you do NOT need ACLs support in
> your kernel, you DO need to use the MS Server Manager to set ACLs on a
> share.
> 3. If you want to force permission in a share definition you do NOT need
> ACLs in your kernel.
> I hope this is clear enough?

Huh?  So do I need ACL support in Samba..... :)

> > Do you have to have "nt acl support = yes" in any share that will have
> > it's acl's changed by the "server tools"?
> No, you do NOT need to set "nt acls support = yes" to set ACLs on shares.
> This feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported in
> Samba-3.0.0.

Table 13.3 still lists "nt acl support" listed, and it is mentioned
several times in 13.4 & 13.5 (at least in my version of the HOWTO PDF).

It is not listed in the "Removed Parameters" (30.3.1) section;  which it
should be if it is deprecated?

Maybe this facilitates some of the confustion.

Or my version of the PDF is too old.

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