[Samba] A plea for some feedback

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Thu Oct 30 17:57:04 GMT 2003

Hello everyone.
This email makes reference to mail servers and email, but please read the 
email. You will see that I have some questions about samba. :)

I need some feedback and thoughts on a particular setup that "Management" 
is trying to go with.
Some info first:

Running Samba 2.2.8a as a PDC with OpenLDAP on the backend.

Running a mail server running Postfix, Courier-IMAP, Mailman, and other 
nice toys.

Basically, all of our clients will be using a Netscape or Mozilla IMAP client.
What they want to do is, basically, have all the users copy the email that 
is on the Mail/IMAP server to a second location, OTHER than their local 
computer. Thus, they want a second server setup that will allow users to 
store their email on that server as well. They also want it setup so they 
can view both sets of emails at the same time through the email client.

With me so far?

Ok...management wants to see if we can store the emails (that is, all the 
emails) for each user onto the mapped drive on the PDC.
To me, thats a bad idea. I think that this is a recipe for disaster. If we 
go this route, I want to split it up and not put everything on one server.

What I was hoping was to get some feedback on why this would be a bad idea. 
I'm not trying to attack Samba at all, but I want to convince management 
that their idea is a bad one.

I appreciate everyones suggestions and feedback.



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