[Samba] passdb backend = Lotus Notes

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Oct 30 17:01:17 GMT 2003

Hi , as far as i know there is a linux server version for notes and clients
for windows / mac beta
at my last setup to this i cant remember a need to involve samba in anyway.
The way to map users which should work is ldap ( so you have to configure
notes for ldap, mayby ...?)
the way that will work is to integrate samba to win2000 domain server and
new notes should be able to use active dir too. So you should have a valid

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Subject: [Samba] passdb backend = Lotus Notes

Hi people, I'm a newbie to Samba3, right now I'm on the RTFM process and
I would like to know if there is anyway to use Notes as repository for
I understood that I need some kind of pluggin for this (please let me know
if i'm wrong), so I would like to know if it exist or if I can obtain some
kind of HOW-TO to develop one.

Thanks to all in advance.
Excuse me for my poor english.

Santiago Justo
Greetings from Uruguay

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