[Samba] samba3 backend ldap max groups..

manuel.piessnegger at straumann.com manuel.piessnegger at straumann.com
Thu Oct 30 13:05:53 GMT 2003


I'm testing samba3 with the backend ldap on Linux  to replace our NT 4
OS: Linux UL1
OpenLdap 2.1
Samba3 works as PDC with the backend ldapsam.

There a problem I'm still hanging. If a user is member of more then 32
groups I just can work with my defaultGroup (atrribute:
all other authorisation will be denied although the user is member of all
others groups too.
But if the user is member of less then 32 groups everything works perfect.

This restriction comes from Linux (NGroup_Max : 32). Is this the only
workaround, too recompile the kernel?
Did samba support groupmember more then 32? Have someone a idee to manage
this problem?

Regards Manuel

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