[Samba] Transparent migration of user profiles

kenjie Trillanes atrillanes at ecommsite.com
Wed Oct 29 10:25:54 GMT 2003


Can I please have some ideas on transparently migrating my user profiles 
(originally from a Win2K PDC) to a Samba 3 PDC (with LDAP) ???. I have 
already done the following:

1) Make my samba3 server a BDC server and used "net rpc vampire" to 
acquire the users (though there seems to be a problem with net vampire 
if your users are in a ldap database).

2) Used the same SID as the former domain.

My requirements are:

1) The users are supposed to retain their local profiles, whenever they 
login (there should be no new profiles created).

Please help


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